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Kayla Duque

Kayla has been inline speed skating since she was 8 years old. She took almost a 4 year break before deciding to commit herself to the sport again. Her home team is Team Florida out of Orlando. She is a 2 time Team USA member, she was on the 2020 NSC Roster, and she has many National placements. Kayla's favorite food is pasta, and her favorite TV show right now is Euphoria. When she's not skating she enjoys listening to music, relaxing, shopping, and watching movies.



Graci Nunenkamp

Graci has been skating since she was one years old! She took on competitive inline speed skating when she was six. Her home team is Team Florida out of Orlando. Graci has had many accomplishments over the years, but the ones that she is most proud of are all of her National placements and winning her overall division at The Emerald Coast Challenge. Her favorite food is pancakes and her favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy. When she is not skating she likes to listen to music, sleep, play volleyball, and loves to write. 


Cierra Golden

Cierra has been inline speed skating since she was 10 years old. She started in the beginner speed class on quads, and transitioned from there to inlines. Her home team is Team Illini out of Danville, IL. Cierra has competed in every national championship since 2013 and has many National wins and placements as a result. She is currently mixing it up with the elite ladies at the USRSS Midwest Point Series races. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite TV show is 90 Day Fiancé. When Cierra is not skating, she enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time with her puppy. Cierra also works as an EMT and is currently taking classes to become an ER nurse.


Maddi Roepcke

Maddi has been inline speed skating since she was 3 years old! Her home teams are Team Florida out of Orlando, and Badger State Racing out of Wisconsin. Maddi has had many accomplishments in skating thus far, but she is currently most proud of holding 2 national records in the USRSS league. Her favorite food is Chipotle, and her favorite TV shows are The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. When Maddi is not speed skating, she likes to hang out with friends, spend time with her animals, and watch TV and movies. 


David Meyer

David has been inline speed skating for 15 years. His passion for the sport stems from giving back to the younger generation by being a positive role model and mentor, as well as doing what he can to help build the sport. His home teams are Stardust out of Tampa, FL and Team Illini out of Danville, IL. David has had much success over the years, but some of the accomplishments he is most proud of are being a member of the 2020 NSC roster, along with many National and American Championship placements. His favorite food is chicken and rice. When David is not speed skating, he enjoys making memories with his amazing girlfriend, family, and friends. He likes to listen to music, and takes time to study his sport. David has big goals as one of our most important and essential service providers, and is currently working towards accomplishing that as well. 

Meet Our Racing Team
One of our passions is Inline Speed Skating. We developed an athletic line called Evolution Sportswear, and we currently sponsor athletes at both the regional and national level. 




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